Highlander's Stolen Wife: A Medieval Scottish Historical Romance Book

Highlander's Stolen Wife: A Medieval Scottish Historical Romance Book
: Alisa Adams
: 297
: Fiction : Romance
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He is a clansman Highlander, son of a Laird fighting the English troops.

She is a noble English girl, betrothed by her family to a much older Earl.

But nothing, not even war can stop this peculiar love.

Lovely - Romantic - Breath taking!

The Highlanders in the north have recently defeated the English in a ferocious battle and peace between the Kingdoms of Scotland and England looms.

This is a tale about an English lady and the son of a Scottish Laird – Not even war and two different nationalities can tear away love when it finds itself.

Fate is inexorable or that is how Mary Leighton sees things in the year of Our Lord 1328. The full-blooded daughter of a lord is en route to meet her betrothed in Carlisle for the first time. She wants to find love in a torn up and war-ridden England and Scotland.

However, her intended betrothed is not what she imagined – the far older Earl of Wavel only wishes the union for profit and to secure his progeny with an heir Tall, handsome and heir to the lairdship, Alastair of the Clan Macleod’s heart skips a beat when he lays eyes on the dark-haired Mary for the first time.

Ripping her from the bosom of her family, the burly clansman with the fiery red hair decides to take the Englishwoman home with him in an attempt to seduce her. Thinking him a barbarian and a traitor, Mary resists his advances while at the same time she prepares her escape to return home to England. From one moment to the next, Mary Leighton is a Sassenach – an ‘outlander’, and lost in the strange but magical world of the Highlands.

Her escape to England takes on an entirely different turn when Alastair shows her a love that is so absolute that she cannot resist its purity. Is it strong enough to endure captivity, the romantic machinations of another woman, and the continued pursuance of the earl and both her father and the Laird’s enmity because of their patriotic beliefs?

"Highlander's stolen wife" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words.
No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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