Io Hunter and the Guardians of Aldernar: Destroying the Decimator

Io Hunter and the Guardians of Aldernar: Destroying the Decimator
: J.C. Ahmed
: 325
: Fiction : General
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An exciting novel filled with action and suspense.
Io Hunter's powers are crucial if Aldernar is to destroy the Decimator, a terrible weapon designed for the sole purpose of subjugating her country. But no one trusts her to succeed. Can she prove her doubters wrong?

Danger is coming to Aldernar and only four people have the power, or more accurately powers, to stop it. The government brings the four to an isolated military base where they must train for months to carry out a dangerous operation against their brutal neighbor Westland. As Io Hunter trains to use her powers, she must also fight her own fears and insecurities, as
well as the contempt and hostility of others who don't trust her to complete the mission. She and her team must use their powers to sneak into heavily patrolled Westland, break into an ultra-secure underground facility, and destroy a
fearsome weapon that will bathe their nation in flames. The freedom and safety of millions of Aldernaris will be at risk if they fail. As Io battles against anxiety and self-doubt, the doubts of others, and hostile enemies in a hostile land, she
finds courage and strength she never knew she had.

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