Candy Canes, Corpses and the Gothic Haunt (Haunted House Flippers Inc. Book 2)

Candy Canes, Corpses and the Gothic Haunt (Haunted House Flippers Inc. Book 2)
: Rachael Stapleton
: 319
: Non Fiction : Hobbies
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House flippers Jack & Juniper are planning to ring in the New Year slinging tapas, vino and beer in their latest purchase, an old Victorian mansion that they've transformed into Bohemian Lake's first Inn &Taproom, but the mansion's poltergeist is out to dash their merriment with mean-spirited sabotage. Having laid otherworldly rumors to rest before, Juniper is skeptical, but the alarms aren't going off and, besides, who else would want to throw a wrench into the works--Jack's ex-girlfriend, another business owner, or the local historian who's scheduled a town meeting to protest the flippers' plans for the home. When the mischief turns deadly, Juniper calls ina part-time paranormal investigator but the man's discoveries leave her thinking that her problem is more personal than paranormal.

Between the Christmas holidays and training her new staff, Juniper doesn't have time to track down a murderer, but with the "ghost of the manor" constantly coming out of the woodwork, she doesn't have much choice. Opening day is fast approaching and the "woman in white" has led her to yet another stiff in the cellar. Now Junie and her merry band of Bohemians must nail down a murderer--before their Christmas goose is cooked.

It's the most wonderful time to get wrapped up in a spirited holiday murder! The corpses are piling up, and there's a Grinch out there riling up the town against the new Gothic Inn. It's the most wonderful time to break-in!

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