Darkest Valentine

Darkest Valentine
: Leona Bushman
: 224
: Fiction : Romance
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Heiress Lady Lilliana has been lonely most of her life. An overbearing father, abusive brother, and she's ready to toss the idea of marriage completely. But when her brother tries to have her kidnapped, she is saved by the Dark Duke, Clarence Leo Hardwick III, Duke of Cantebury, and all of a sudden, marriage doesn't seem such an awful prospect. He could keep her safe from her brother and provide the title Father expected. She enjoyed their kisses and the way he made her feel. However, despite saving her from an ugly fate, he kept secrets that she wasn't sure she could forgive.
The Dark Duke enjoyed his reputation. The darker the better. It kept most mothers from throwing their daughters at his feet. While out at his secret warehouse by the London docks, he witnessed a female in distress and went to help. Something about her caught his interest, especially when he learned who she was. He determined he would marry her, gain himself a wife capable of courage and loyalty, and extract revenge all in one swoop. He wants her, but can she love him after he reveals his secrets?
Fighting her father for her hand against a Marquess while protecting her from her brother's nefarious schemes proved a difficult task, especially when the spirited Lilliana kept his mind occupied on making her his. Continued attempts to kidnap Lilliana, as well as an attempt on her life convinces him he needs to marry her sooner rather than later and has to get her cooperation before it was too late.
But how could he convince her to take a chance on him when his past held such darkness?

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