The Art of Vegan Baking: Recipes that Your Family Loves

The Art of Vegan Baking: Recipes that Your Family Loves
: Merry Teigen
: 140
: Non Fiction : Cooking
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In The Art of Vegan Baking: Recipes That Your Family Loves, you will find easy-to-follow instructions for whipping up delicious breads, desserts, cakes, pies, and doughs. There are sixty distinctive recipes included in these pages, and every single one of them adheres strictly to vegan guidelines. Don’t worry about finding anything here that will violate your diet! It is possible, after all, to stick to the rules you have set for yourself, no matter how strict those rules may seem, and still bake up tasty treats for yourself and your loved ones.

In addition to clear, step-by-step procedures walking you through every vegan recipe, this book also includes a description of other relevant information for your adventure in the kitchen. Before ever getting your hands dirty, you will know what flavors to use, how hard the recipe is to follow, what ingredients you need, and more. Neatly organized, the recipes are designed for anyone, whether you are a seasoned or even professional baker or nothing more than a beginner.

Kick back and let the intoxicating scents of these sweet, vegan delicacies satisfy all your senses. There is something here for everyone, and whatever your preferences are, the options covered herein are sure to thrill you. I hope that you enjoy cooking them as much as I have enjoyed coming up with them – I have spent countless afternoons getting the ingredients and the measures just right for you!

Finally, vegan cooking is accessible to all. This is a recipe book that turns what seems like a daunting task into a total breeze, and you may find a joke or thirty to laugh at along the way!

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