Avatars Rising: SILOS I

Avatars Rising: SILOS I
: David R. Bernstein, Harper North
: Torment Publishing
: 278
: Fiction : SciFi
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Ready Player One meets The Hunger Games

Esa wakes with no memory of who she is or how she arrived in a dark, cement silo. Panic threatens to consume her until an unusual calm compels her to flee her prison and seek deadly combat. In her escape, a beautiful, unimaginable world materializes before her eyes. A world full of dangerous secrets.

But, she isn't prepared for what she discovers.

While on an island paradise, her journey collides with two strangers who reveal an unbelievable truth—Esa is a sentient avatar in a virtual game world and she's now marked by the game for elimination. To find salvation in a merciless dystopian kill-or-be-killed landscape, she must quest to level-up and help her new friends survive while they hunt for clues to their mysterious existence. But, is fighting for salvation worth the risk?

Immerse yourself into this exciting new young adult, gamelit, sci-fi series that asks the question—what if the avatars became self-aware?

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