Devious Hearts

Devious Hearts
: Mike Craig
: Finch Field Drake
: 23
: Fiction : General
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Life in a small town often seems idyllic and innocent, "one of those places where everyone knows everyone, and which is more a family than a town," as Mike Craig describes it. And yet, beneath the veneer of harmony and innocence, a storm of political events is brewing and boiling, until these events culminate in a shocking, unexpected climax which changes everyone's life. A tightly-written short story with an unforgettable ending.
Mike Craig's writing has been praised by editors of literary magazines and book reviewers:
"Mike Craig creates a hauntingly delightful world . . . [His] fiction will pull you along for a ride into the hearts of his characters, and then leave you wondering if the ride was really into your own heart."
--Michael F. Latza, Editor, Willow Review (Literary Magazine)
"Bold storytelling . . . the start of something brilliant."
--Victoria-Lynn Bell, Editor-in-Chief, Helix (Literary Magazine)
Also includes "How I Write" in which Mike Craig discusses the writing process behind his new book, Wild Youth.

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