To Run The Rugged Crest

To Run The Rugged Crest
: Pierre De Moin
: 74
: Non Fiction : General
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Join Pierre De Moin, a 40-year trail running veteran, on his photo-essay journey through the stunningly beautiful Sandia Mountains of New Mexico. Valuable life lessons are taught to the author along the way by the most unlikely of wildlife candidates: A pocket gopher teaches him that courage and toughness are not a matter of size, but of heart. A brown Striped Whipsnake demonstrates that processing data quickly and decisively acting on it can be in one's best interest. Desert cottontail rabbits prove that patience, laying low, and blending into the surrounding environment is sometimes the very best choice under the circumstances. Enjoy this fast-paced travelogue where the toughness of the Sandia Range is reflected by its inhabitants small and large.

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