Winds of Change (California Historical Mail Order Bride Romance Series Book 1)

Winds of Change (California Historical Mail Order Bride Romance Series Book 1)
: Katie Wyatt
: Royce Cardiff Publishing House
: 64
: Fiction : Romance
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Sarah Cook has been living a life of misery since she was five years old but nothing has been able to break her spirit. She just wants small things from her life, a house, a husband, and a little happiness so when her stepmother tries to take that hope of a better life away from her, she knows that she needs to do something for herself.

John Miller is tired, lonely, and desperately needs a woman to balance his life out when he leaves his parent’s house. With no other option left, he places an advertisement in the newspaper and is surprised when a beautiful woman like Sarah comes to the West to be his bride but his problems don’t seem to end there as a murder, problems with his crew and business loom on the horizon.

Will the Miller couple be able to change their circumstances and move forward to the life both of them dreamed of or will their hopes and wants get swept away in the winds of change?

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Book 3 Twilight of Hope
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Book 7 A Sublime Night
Book 8 Midnight Tranquility

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Katie Wyatt’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American Mail Order Bride historical Western box set romance series is enjoyable for all ages.

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