All for Love - Prequel: The Road to Romance (All Series (Road Series) Book 0)

All for Love - Prequel: The Road to Romance (All Series (Road Series) Book 0)
: Natalie Ann
: 94
: Fiction : Romance
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Finally! Ever wonder how the Harpers and the Mathews first met? See where the Road Series and the All Series first started.

A lost purse. A forbidden love. A bond forged through the test of time.

On a cold lonely winter night, William Harper hurried to close the bar he was working at when he heard a tap on the window. Pushing the curtain aside, he gazed into the eyes of his future. It was a dream he desperately wanted, only he knew it was just out of reach.

Isabel Carmichael had been under her father’s thumb for way too long. As an adult, it was time to take control and go after what she wanted. Roadblocks, obstacles, and a stubborn man who thought he wasn’t good enough were not going to stand in her way of happiness.

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