The Whistleblower Onslaught

The Whistleblower Onslaught
: David P. Warren
: Creativia
: 375
: Fiction : Mystery
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When seasoned attorney Scott Winslow takes on a whistleblower case for fired energy company executive Kevin Walters, life-changing events are set in motion.

Scott pursues a lawsuit, alleging that his client was fired for complaining about unsafe conditions in the company’s mines. But as they dig deeper, Scott and his team discover blackmail, sanitized records and a corporate cover-up.

Soon, Scott and his family are threatened by someone who wants the case dismissed - at any cost. After Kevin's client is also targeted, they realize their only way out is to chase the evidence they need to prove the case at trial - and bring the person responsible to justice.

"Suspenseful, while at the same time allowing for the development of characters with believable and humorous dialogue, mixed with both tragedy and tenderness." - Amazon customer
"The finest legal procedural I've read in years." - Brenda Nelson, Amazon review
"An interesting and detailed account of how the legal system really works... excellent read" - Linda Adams

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