The Son of An Earl (Order of the Second Sons) (A Regency Romance Book)

The Son of An Earl (Order of the Second Sons) (A Regency Romance Book)
: Eleanor Meyers
: ShermanBrooks Publishers
: 368
: Fiction : Romance
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Love and Lies ... 
Sir Warren Leverton has many secrets.
1- He's a writer,
2- a spy in service to the crown,
3- a man in love with a woman who was only supposed to have been an assignment.

Wooing Sopherina into a marriage so he could get closer to her father had been easy but keeping his heart at a distance turned out to be more difficult.
Knowing he couldn't live without her, he plans to tell her the truth.

But ... before he could make his confessions, she died at the mission's completion. 
Or so he'd thought... 
Sopherina North hadn't died.
Instead, something far worse had taken place and shame had left her with only one option:
to run away and make a new life for herself.

She sets her sights on finding a real husband, and he's the last suitor she's interested in... or so she tries to convince herself.
But as the dangers and secrets grow, only the truth will clear the way to the happily ever after they both want.

But can Warren convince Sopherina to forgive the past?
Will love be enough?

Page Count: around 330 pages

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