My Jinxed Love: ...when love knocks the door, you just grab it!

My Jinxed Love: ...when love knocks the door, you just grab it!
: Aum
: 221
: Fiction : Romance
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Simran loved Raj. Raj loved Simran. Their parents had introduced them, so naturally the lovers had their parents’ approval. Their horoscopes matched. Their social status, financial status, pet status, Facebook likes, everything had matched….… But…. but Simran wanted the thrill and challenges of a love marriage; she longed for the adventures of a love marriage in their arranged marriage. So when they tried to fiddle with fate, fate screwed them over. Welcome to My Jinxed Love.

Set against the backdrop of insensitive media, negative news reporting, and imaginative journalism, this story revolves around Raj, Simran, Anna, and Raghav – the four friends, who make an attempt to bring back the sense and positivity to the fourth pillar of democracy. When the sensationalism of journalism reaches the new low, how will that affect our protagonists? Will they succeed in making an impact?

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