The Moon Penitentiary: A Science Fiction Dystopian Adventure

The Moon Penitentiary: A Science Fiction Dystopian Adventure
: Nick Langenberg
: Jonmac Limited
: 0
: Fiction : SciFi
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If you and your family were incarcerated together due to something your son did, would you try and escape? Would you take your son with you?

In the future, it is not just criminals that are sent to penitentiaries. Their families are as well.

When seventeen-year-old Garth is responsible for a hit and run, the consequences are swift. He is sentenced to twenty years in the moon penitentiary along with his sister and parents.

Garth’s father, Dirk, is in a terrifying situation—trapped in space and thousands of miles from home, with his wife and daughter vulnerably exposed to unimaginable threats. Not only that, but the sadistic director of the penitentiary does not like Dirk one bit.

When Dirk makes the decision to escape, there is no question that he plans to take his wife and daughter with him. The question is, will he take his son?

Set in the not-too-distant future, full of sympathetic characters rife with tangible emotions, The New Earth is an original science fiction dystopian by author Nick Langenberg.

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