The Enemy Within (The Paladin Chronicles Book 6)

The Enemy Within (The Paladin Chronicles Book 6)
: Neil Port
: Neil Port Independent Press
: 646
: Fiction : General
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The Illvaettir War should be over and the threat to the Elves should be finished. And yet Gansükh rules Āzar Pāyegān, a Hunnic Shahdom right next to them. While ever he can summon his daimôn lord, he cannot be killed and he cannot be displaced.
He also controls Darband, the main gateway through the Greater Caucasus Mountains.
While he still lives, the elves cannot be safe.
A very special assassin is sent. She must get closer to Gansükh than anyone else. She must become his lover. She must become his 'enemy within'.
She is very dangerous herself and she will face intrigue, powerful enemies, great danger and desperate battles.
No one must know she is not as evil as she appears. She has to pretend she is indifferent to the suffering of the people all around her, but the thing she can't pretend is that she isn't falling deeply and hopelessly in love with the man she has been sent to kill. 
The desperate defence of the elves and their allies continues with 'The Enemy Within'.

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