Beast Seeking Beauty (While Aurora Slept Book 3)

Beast Seeking Beauty (While Aurora Slept Book 3)
: Megan Easley-Walsh
: New Historical Fiction
: 117
: Kids : General
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Aurora is asleep. Still.
Midnight is desperate to find her. Still.
From the edges of the forest emerges Edora. She's not only new to the castle, but to being human. 
On the night of the ball, magic rippled through the forest and transformed her. Being human is frightening, but it also comes with the ability to read. Edora finds the magic of the library even more enticing than the magic of the forest. She has until the last of Aurora's briar roses fade to find true beauty, or she'll be returned to the forest and locked out of life in the castle forever.

Meanwhile, Philip will do anything for Midnight, even if that means accepting his fate with Aurora. Perhaps, if he takes his rightful place beside her, she'll finally wake up and life can return to normal again. But, how can anything be normal when choosing destiny over love?

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