Mail Order Bride: The Christmas Delivery (Christmas Brides Book 2)

Mail Order Bride: The Christmas Delivery (Christmas Brides Book 2)
: Emma Ashwood
: 96
: Fiction : Drama
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Martha Jackson had never been loved; not by her parents and not by her husband, who was now passed. All she and her sister, Anne had in this world to care for and be cared for was one another, and later Anne's children. Now Martha was carrying her first child, who would need a father once it was born. To this end, Martha accepted Henry Arthur's proposal of marriage, following his advert for a bride in the Matrimonial Times.

Robert Samuel was battling to keep the ranch afloat and their heads above water, and his mother was right at his side through it all. Jennifer Samuels had some ideas on how to fund their sinking ranch, but Robert would not be a pawn in her match making game.

Celia Johnson is the precocious daughter of the Western town's mayor, and Jennifer Samuel's choice as bride for her son, Robert. The mayor is on board with the idea of Robert as a son in law. Jennifer needs Celia's family's wealth to weather the current tough times, but Robert and Celia have never been able to sit around the same fire.

When a pregnant Martha arrives in town, things are not all she was led to believe. She is alone and destitute in an unfamiliar world among strangers. She has to think about her unborn baby, but she has no choice but to call upon the locals for charity until she can find her feet again. Life is hard and it's not about to get any easier for young Martha.

Humanity and Christian fellowship are the nature of Christmas and yule tide celebrations, but the world is not all egg nog and fire hearths at this time of year. Follow Martha and the folk of Cherry Tree Springs as Christmas approaches in this little Western town.

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