The Lute and the Liar

The Lute and the Liar
: Rie Sheridan Rose, Digital Fiction
: Digital Fantasy Fiction, an imprint of Digital Fiction Publishing Corp.
: 210
: Fiction : General
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In two weeks apprentice bard, Mordigan Bryre will come of age and receive his coveted Journeyman's papers. He is gifted with an angel's voice—and cursed with a liar's tongue.

A mysterious witch makes him a bargain: If he seeks out the wizard Talthos, he will receive a magical lute that will make him a legend. The catch? If he lies along the way, he will risk losing his golden voice. Dismissed in disgrace from his Guild Hall, what does he have to lose?

But princess Allysian has been in love with Mordigan Bryre all her life. How can she let him set off alone? But how can she follow? True love will find a way, and some things are worth any sacrifice.

  • Rie Sheridan has written a magical tale of intrigue, love, and hope. - Kathy Early, Paranormal Romance Reviews
  • The Lute and the Liar is a fascinating tale reminiscent of Jason's search for the Golden Fleece. - Jani Brooks, Romance Reviews Today
  • The Lute and the Liar is one of the best fairy tales I’ve read in quite a while. - Lisa Ramaglia, Scribes World

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