The Girlfriends of Gotham Box Set: Hilarious Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy

The Girlfriends of Gotham Box Set: Hilarious Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy
: Delancey Stewart
: Delancey Stewart
: 793
: Fiction : Romance
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A group of twenty-something girlfriends find themselves in New York City in the midst of the 90s dot-com boom. They've got killer jobs, killer clothes, and each other -- what could go wrong?

Everything, and usually in the most hilarious way possible.

Called "the perfect New Adult 90s romantic comedy," the Girlfriends of Gotham follow the life of NYC newcomer Natalie Pepper. She's a California girl, a fish out of water, and she's going to make it on her own in the big city despite a massive crush on a coworker (a no-no), a boss that can't seem to get her name right, and a group of friends creating all kinds of chaos of their own.

If you've missed Sex and the City, this series will scratch that itch. Dive in today!

Book One: Men and Martinis Welcome to New York...

After driving across the country on an impulse, I'm ready to take Manhattan. And at first, everything seems to be going my way. I luck into an apartment. I have an awesome new girl squad. Jobs are being handed out like candy, thanks to the dot-com boom. And mine means working with CJ, with his Greek-god good looks and million-dollar smile...

Yeah, I have a massive crush on my co-worker. And it's starting to look like it's reciprocated.But parties every night and a job I'm in no way qualified for are taking their toll. Not to mention this completely inappropriate flirtation.

It's good to have distractions, like the also-inappropriate love life of my friend Candace. Because if I let myself have what I want...I could lose everything.

Book Two: Highballs in the Hamptons

The second Girlfriends of Gotham's book continues Natalie Pepper's story. She's settled in the city now, and still pining for CJ, the all-American man who actually loves her back. But she can't seem to stop getting in her own way. In the meantime, Lulu's got dating issues of her own--a gorgeous ER doc treats her sprained ankle (which she would point out, he also caused), and then treats her better than any other man ever has. But there's one problem...Tippy. His Upper East Side mother and her Upper East Side attitude.

Book Three: Cosmos and Commitment

The third book in the trilogy finds Natalie finally with the guy ... until a ghost from his past returns (in the form of a cougar with WAY too much cleavage for Natalie's liking.) In the meantime, Tamara is killing it in the NYC real estate scene -- who would have expected a little country girl could make it big on her own in the city. Certainly not her family, and definitely not her old boyfriend. But Gage "Spyder" Spidell will have tell her that himself when he shows up out of the blue, cowboy boots and all. Will she remember what it was about the long-legged cowboy she loved in the first place, or will she send him packing back to the country?

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