Undertow of Loyalty

Undertow of Loyalty
: M.D. Davies
: Creativia
: 299
: Fiction : Mystery
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The Problem

Neil Henberlin somehow became a spy. He had agreed to help Canada’s Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) trap a foreign government in the process of stealing his company’s new super-computer technology. His part was simple: pretend to be seduced by a Chinese double agent and make it look like he was passing secrets. The real spies would take care of the rest.

The Complication

He couldn’t tell his wife of his activities. Without knowing the truth, Leyna believed the affair with the beautiful Chinese girl was real. After all, she’d followed them to a downtown apartment. What else could she think? Making matters worse, the girl was a potential buyer of the new super-computer, and they would be spending plenty of time together.

The Confusion

When Neil returns to work after a romantic weekend with his wife, he discovers that something has taken place in his secret apartment.

Something that will tilt the undulating balance of his life.

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