Trump Revealed: A Great President?

Trump Revealed: A Great President?
: Kenneth T. Fairbanks
: 41
: Non Fiction : General
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So many people were sure that Donald John Trump’s participation in the 2016 Presidential election was just a publicity stunt, a joke, an effort to gain attention. Many were certain that surely this man, who has no experience in politics, wouldn’t follow through and pursue the country’s highest political office.

Donald Trump had an exciting campaign for the presidency: from his investigation and instigating of opponent Hillary Clinton to his seemingly never-ending promises for success after the election.

In Trump Revealed: A Great President? we will first offer a short biography of who the 45th President of the United States is, followed by facts about his Presidential campaign trail, Trump’s goals for the 45th presidency, the election results of the 2016 presidential election, and what was accomplished during Donald Trump’s first year in office as the United States of America’s 45th President.

Trump Revealed: A Great President? evaluates the Trump presidency from the announcement of his candidacy to October 2017 (almost through to the end of the first year of his presidency). Including quotes and tweets from President Donald Trump, while taking a neutral standpoint to clearly display a brief biography of Donald Trump and his political goals, the information contained within this book leaves it up for you to decide the following:

- Is Donald J. Trump truly working for the American people or just working towards benefiting his own personal legacy?

- Is Donald Trump taking the Presidency seriously or is this position of power the result of a publicity stunt gone too far?

- What was Donald Trump trying to prove on the campaign trail? What is he trying to achieve in office? Has he achieved some of his goals while holding office as the 45th President of the United States of America?

And lastly, is Donald Trump really doing as he promised and making America great again?

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