The Expats

The Expats
: A.J. Griffiths-Jones
: Creativia
: 200
: Fiction : Mystery
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In a leafy suburb of Shanghai lives Li Yang: a local employed by various foreign families to take care of their needs, whether it's cleaning, cooking or childcare.

It's the turn of the millennium and China is evolving. At the centre of the dynamic change is the vibrant hub of Shanghai, a melting pot of cultures and businesses, a place of luck, fortune and chance. In awe of the homes in which these strange people live, the housekeeper Li Yang gets to know the families who she's working with.

What the westerners don't know is that in addition to her unusual working life, Li Yang has a turbulent home life, with her own son beginning to hide things from her. Something is going on, but Li Yang just can't seem to work out what it is.

As the clock ticks, will she be able to stop the impending events before she loses the one thing she loves most?

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