Soul Storm (The Eden Hunter Trilogy Book 1)

Soul Storm (The Eden Hunter Trilogy Book 1)
: D.N. Erikson
: Watchfire Press
: 384
: Fiction : General
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" paced and fun...unfolds in a cascade of imaginative events that keeps one reading to see what could possibly happen next." - Fantasy & Science Fiction

I already died once.
I'm sure as hell not doing it again.

I thought life was bad reaping souls for my vampire prick of a boss. Then someone killed my old friend right outside my house and planted the gun under my floorboards.

Which is when I learned life can actually get a whole lot worse.

Now I have the FBI breathing down my neck, trying to put me in cuffs. But even worse threats lurk in the shadows of this miserable island city I'm forced to call home. And one rain goddess believes my crimes deserve the death penalty...

NOTE: this novel was originally released under the title Rain Dance.

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