Seeing Ranch: Her Western Heart (A Western Historical Romance Book)

Seeing Ranch: Her Western Heart (A Western Historical Romance Book)
: Florence Linnington
: 267
: Fiction : Drama
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Escaping from an arranged marriage, Gemma Campbell finds herself embarking on an unknown journey – one that will bring out her courage and resilience. The only thing known to her is: she wants to decide her own marriage, by way of mail-order bride.

But it is a twisted journey for Gemma - at Winding Path Ranch in Shallow Springs in the wild west, far away from the city of New York that she is used to. Her unladylike self longs for something more in life than just the usual hustle and bustle of a big city; she has a romanticized perception of the west. Is the west, in reality, really as 'romantic' as what Gemma imagines?

What she sees is a ranch with poison… and the man in Mitchell Reed.


Something smells foul at the foot of Wyoming Territory’s Southern Rockies. Scenic and picturesque as it may be, Winding Path Ranch is not a bed of roses, particularly when the hearts of hardened men are unsettled, consumed by greed and a readiness for conflict.

Mitchell Reed is watching helplessly as cattle on his ranch are dying one by one, heightening tensions among the farms and raising unbridled suspicions among the men.

With such poison on the ranch, how will Mitchell welcome his new bride?

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