Brittany Holland has a Baby

Brittany Holland has a Baby
: Kathey Jackson
: 289
: Fiction : General
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Brittany Holland Rook is waiting for her first baby, but she is not sitting idly around. She is business partners with her sister-in-law, Kendall Rook Lapoor. Their job is to work with the Department of Social Services and private clients to assist children and parents. In that capacity, they must assist with children who are victims of neglect or abuse. They also must deal with children whose parents are incarcerated.
Their extended family includes Brittany’s best male friend, Ryan Olmstead who runs the Sanctuary, a haven for discarded or emotionally scarred wild animals. Ryan & his girlfriend Michele are married in this book and are administering the $50 million dollar trust they inherited from a veterinarian who taught at the Vet School where Ryan became a doctor. They also brought into the Sanctuary, Michele’s brother Michael who was a Forest Ranger after serving several tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The stories in this book change the future of the series. New characters are introduced, new challenges are presented, there are dangerous choices made not only for the major characters but also for the children involved.
Takes this out of the realm of Cozy mysteries into a new genre which mixes police procedurals, detective work and most importantly, emotional connection with clients.

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