The Disbelief Habit: How to Use Doubt to Make Peace with Your Inner Critic (Self-Compassion Book 2)

The Disbelief Habit: How to Use Doubt to Make Peace with Your Inner Critic (Self-Compassion Book 2)
: Yong Kang Chan
: 188
: Non Fiction : Health
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Can’t stop the critical voice in your head? Constantly bombarded with negative thoughts?

From an early age, many of us have this critical voice in our head which we called the inner critic. It’s the voice that tells us:

  • You are not good enough.

  • You will never amount to anything.

  • You are a bad person.

  • You don’t deserve love.

  • No one loves you.

We have tried many different exercises and techniques to get rid of it, but nothing seems to be effective. These intrusive thoughts keep popping up whenever they want.

Instead of overcoming our self-criticism, we make the inner critic our enemy and blame ourselves for having such self-loathing thoughts. Some of us even feel that beating ourselves up is good for us and helps to keep our behavior in check.

But how is that working for you?

How can we stop our self-criticism?

The truth is we can’t control most of our thoughts. Our unhealthy, habitual ways of thinking are the result of past conditioning, and they have become a part of our protective mechanism. It’s not easy to change this system overnight.

Instead of fixing our thoughts and silencing our inner critics, what we can do is to change our unconscious reactions to self-criticism. Our inner critics might have judged us negatively and told us lies about ourselves, but we don’t have to believe everything that they say. The reason why we feel so hurt from our negative self-talk is not that the words are hurtful. It’s because we trust these harsh criticisms are true!

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The purpose of this book is to help you be more aware and skeptical of your self-loathing thoughts.

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Why you shouldn’t take your thoughts too seriously

  • Why are you so self-critical and hard on yourself

  • What are the four common reactions to self-criticism

  • What is and what isn’t disbelieving

  • 5 examples on how to separate the truth from fiction

  • How to notice your reaction

  • How to identify the message that your inner critic is conveying

  • How to make doubting your new habit

The Disbelief Habit provides you the steps to practice mindfulness and make peace with your mind. Just test it out and experience the change for yourself.

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