Holy War

Holy War
: Jamie Lee Grey
: 281
: Fiction : Romance
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A Pulitzer-pursuing reporter is thrust into the story of her dreams—and nightmares—when she discovers a terrorist plot to attack the Pacific Northwest.

Journalist Cassandra Hall is always searching for a huge story, but she’s not expecting to stumble into it on a ferry as she returns from her dad’s funeral in Alaska. After terrorists kidnap her, she must find a way to free herself and alert the authorities about a suitcase nuke smuggled into the Seattle area.

Along the way, spiritual forces provide invisible assistance… or attacks. For Cassandra’s real battle is not against flesh and blood terrorists, but against the spiritual rulers of wickedness in heavenly places.

As she assists the FBI, Cassandra finds herself captivated by Special Agent David Lansing, who is assigned to lead the investigation and catch the terrorists. Her pursuit of the big scoop repeatedly conflicts with his need for confidentiality. Will Cassandra be able to win David’s heart… and her Pulitzer?

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