Amish Bonnet Funeral : Book 3

Amish Bonnet Funeral : Book 3
: Esther Weaver
: 53
: Fiction : Romance
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Mary Kanaghy is still convinced she can find her sister Katie. She just has to find some proof that will get her parents to agree to help her. But their reluctance to listen to her is making her angry. She has to find another way.

But when she challenges Sarah, yet again. Sarah's reaction confuses Mary. She tells Mary that life isn't as clear cut as Mary likes to think. It gets Mary thinking, is there a secret her parents are afraid she'll discover?

Mrs. Miller, the Bishop's wife, is the source of all knowledge. Wanting to prove she's an adult, Mary is gracious as she visits with the Bishop's wife. But all she finds out is that there is a secret but one which Mrs. Miller will not reveal.

Mary has to go to back to the town. Myriam in The Amish Shop has helped her before, perhaps she has heard something else.

Mary is excited as Myriam gives her the number of a man who was looking for the crazy Englischer woman.

When the man, Hans, turns up, Mary is surprised to see he is ex-Amish but he reveals nothing to her. She notices a change in him when she reveals who she is. He mentions her mother by name. Mary is more confused than ever when the man just drives away.

As she walks home, Mary fails to notice the blue Honda that has followed her from town.

Mary isn't safe but doesn't realize it as the car with its female driver stops behind her.

Mary's mind is filled with questions, who is Hans? Who is the woman?

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