Till Death

Till Death
: M. L. Ray
: 185
: Fiction : Drama
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One Christian man confronts some of today’s most troubling issues—substance abuse, infidelity, and depression. Can he prevail? Maybe, with grace….

Love is in the air for Jane and Robert, who meet in church and do everything by the book. They worship together, court under the church’s laws, and eventually tie the knot. For Robert, marriage is all that he ever thought it could be and more, but things take a darker turn when an old secret of Jane’s pops up. As Robert fights for his marriage, seeking advice from both spiritual leaders and medical experts, he faces the daunting prospect of raising their two kids by himself.

Come join Robert’s journey from passion to heartache, through hope and kindness, in sickness and in health. Will his steadfast faith and the loving compassion of others be enough to see him through the tempestuous seas?

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