Track Down Series (A Brad Jacobs Thriller: Books 1-2)

Track Down Series (A Brad Jacobs Thriller: Books 1-2)
: Scott Conrad
: 235
: Fiction : Drama
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Enjoy the first two page-turners in the Brad Jacobs Thriller Series!

Fighting to save those he cares most about, retired Force Recon Marine Brad Jacobs blazes a trail of devastation through the deepest jungles of Africa and the rugged backcountry wilderness of Alaska. Over-flowing with so much breathtaking action, adventurous locations, and riveting suspense, you won’t be able to put it down.


Force Recon Marines battle Seleka Rebels in the savage heart of Africa.
"Action packed, fast paced and full of rapid gunfire."

When his 26 year old cousin Jessica vanishes while hunting for diamonds in Central Africa, Brad wastes no time in recruiting his Marine buddies for a search and rescue mission.

He and his team navigate the deepest, darkest jungles of the Ubangi River on a pulse-pounding race against time to bring Jessica back alive.

But first, they have to find her.

Brad knows there are a million ways to disappear in the middle of Africa, and none offer good odds of survival.

Join Brad and his team on their perilous journey to discover the truth about Jessica's disappearance and the fate of the mysterious diamonds.


White supremacists thirsty for blood and a bounty hunter seeking vigilante justice in an untamed, frozen wilderness — Track Down Alaska is another great Brad Jacobs Action Thriller.

When their plane crashes in the Alaskan backcountry it’s not the freezing temperatures, treacherous terrain, dangerous wildlife, and lack of supplies that are Pete and Charlie’s biggest threats. An accidental discovery becomes the bigger challenge.

They had the misfortune of crashing in the middle of nowhere, the perfect place for neo-Nazi terrorists to run an illegal operation—and now they’ve been seen. Hunted like wolves, Pete and Charlie are running for their lives.

Can Brad’s team take on this unexpected, heavily armed, and formidable adversary? Will they track down Pete and Charlie alive? Follow Brad on another breakneck, rip-roaring quest as it rapidly evolves from a possible kidnapping into an all-out battle for survival.

Ride along as Force Recon Marines combat the Aryan Nation in the brutal Alaskan wilderness.

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