Maggie Many Cats and Other Stories: Another Little Book From Ballyyahoo

Maggie Many Cats and Other Stories: Another Little Book From Ballyyahoo
: Grace Jolliffe
: 120
: Kids : General
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A set of wickedly funny short stories for children.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Ballyyahoo.

Ballyyahoo is a magic place hidden away in a secret place on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

Nobody knows where Ballyyahoo is - except the people who live there, but they must keep it secret.

Maggie Many Cats knows how to keep a secret, but when a strange black cat comes flying in the window she thinks she’s going mad.

Cat-loving Maggie is desperate to know the truth.

Is she imagining this beautiful talking cat?

She’s terrified of being put in a home - who would look after her many cats?

Maggie bumps into Biddy, who she suspects might be a witch. Soon Maggie learns that there’s lots more secrets hidden in the depths of Ballyyahoo.

Meanwhile, Gerry Mac is bored, all he ever does is swing on a gate, until he’s sent to work in Paddy Plant’s slave camp.

All day long he must dig, dig and dig. How can he ever escape?

His cousin, Kevin, is always in trouble - he wants adventure and he wants fun but he can’t resist a prank.

But one of his pranks backfires and the long-suffering people of Ballyyahoo have had enough.

Will Kevin ever be free again?

Then there’s Sergeant Sid. He’s so bored he makes up laws and these change every day.

Gerry is supposed to be walking Daffo, Paddy Plant’s mad donkey, but it all goes wrong when Daffo breaks free.

They break one of Sergeant Sid’s many laws and they both end up in jail.

Everybody knows that when a donkey’s got to go - a donkey’s got to go, but when Sergeant Sid gets splattered it’s Gerry that gets the blame.

Can Gerry dig himself out of this one?


When you own a Ballyyahoo book you get to visit the wonderful world of Ballyyahoo - just by clicking the links in the eBook.

The site is packed with free stories, photographs, background information about the characters, animals, nature, and of course, the magic of Ballyyahoo.


Grace Jolliffe’s first novel, Piggy Monk Square, was shortlisted for the Commonwealth New Writers Prize and broadcast on RTE's Book on One.

Grace is not quite the full hermit, but she does live quietly in Galway, surrounded by rocks, stones and roads to nowhere.

In the past, Grace taught scriptwriting and creative writing to keep her in teabags and light.

Following a serious accident she gave up teaching and now shares her knowledge from her website:

Grace loves nature and walking but the accident kept her indoors for quite some time.

She blames cabin fever for the creation of her imaginary town of Ballyyahoo.

She is happy in her current position as head of imagination at and is responsible for creating stories that combine magic and nature.

She aims to entice children to leave their screens, put on some wellies and get outdoors.

Grace can be found at where she writes about rocks, stones and roads to nowhere, as well as this funny old world as she sees it..


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