Predictable Results: How Successful Companies Tackle Growth Challenges and Win

Predictable Results: How Successful Companies Tackle Growth Challenges and Win
: Patrick Thean, Chris Cosper, Alan Gehringer, Tiffany Chepul, Barry Pruitt, Cathy McCullough, Liz McBride, Ted Skinner, Melissa Enriquez
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: 277
: Kids : Non Fiction
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Missing revenue goals. Feeling like the team is hitting a ceiling. Growth that is creating chaos. Challenges like these happen for most leaders in most companies, especially midmarket companies that have grown quickly. They outgrow their habits of success. Before they know it, they’re struggling to achieve results in a consistent, predictable way.

What they’re missing is the right execution rhythms that help combat lack of focus, reactionary decision-making, and poor visibility.

In this ensemble book, experts from the Rhythm Systems team, led by author, entrepreneur, and execution guru Patrick Thean, share true stories of leaders tackling the big challenges that are keeping them from steady, predictable growth, including
• Winning or keeping your best customers
• Focusing on the strategies that matter most
• Developing a process for innovation
• Improving alignment and communication
• Scaling operations to keep up with growth
• Navigating leadership team challenges
• Integrating acquisitions
• Managing remote employees
• Building the right culture to sustain growth
• Being reactive rather than proactive

These stories will give you practical patterns of success and direct you to tools and business guides that can show you how to build focus, alignment, and accountability.

You’ll soon be on your way to the predictable results every leader wants.

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