A Fowl Feast (A Hooked & Cooked Cozy Mystery Series Book 7)

A Fowl Feast (A Hooked & Cooked Cozy Mystery Series Book 7)
: Lyndsey Cole
: Lyndsey Cole Books
: 202
: Fiction : Mystery
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Nothing good can come from a Thanksgiving stuffed with secrets.

With the arrival of a mysterious stranger in Hooks Harbor, the past crashes right on top of Hannah’s apple raspberry pie. To make matters worse, an old crime rears its ugly head and the race to locate a stash of stolen money only whips up a bowlful of questions.

The temperature is turned to high when a murder throws Hannah’s boyfriend’s life upside-down. She has no choice but to get involved to keep Cal out of jail. As she sifts through a buffet of suspects, greed becomes her worst enemy.

When it appears nothing more could go wrong, the biggest secret of all is about to be revealed.

Hannah puts on her poker face to protect all she holds dear . . . including her own life.

**A Fowl Feast is volume 7 in the Hooked & Cooked Cozy Mystery Series. Lyndsey’s books can be read and enjoyed in any order.

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