Spirit of Lone Warrior: A Journey of Retribution and Redemption

Spirit of Lone Warrior: A Journey of Retribution and Redemption
: Lloyd E. Foley
: Rusty Spur Publishing
: 216
: Fiction : Drama
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Jimmy Cutter's family farm is assaulted by outlaws and his father is killed and sister kidnapped. He forges a commitment at the burial of his father to exact justice on the outlaws. He became profient with the six-shooter after years of practice. His capability with the revolver enabled him to seek the bandits and mete out justice to them.

His pursuit of the bad men involved takes him on a series of adventures including crossing the borders of three states and ultimately confronting each of the killers in different states. His confrontations with the brigands are well planned prior to confidently facing off against them one by one. Moreover, the financial needs he faces compels him to work on a ranch in Cheyenne and while doing so he becomes interested in the owner’s daughter which is reciprocated by her. Nonetheless, he cannot cease from his endeavor to bring justice to the outlaws and must leave the ranch after settling part of his objective in Cheyenne. Next stop Denver.

Heading on from Cheyenne to Denver, he witnesses the final stages of an ambush of some Indian braves, who were seeking game, by a group of mean spirited whites and assists one of the survivors after dispatching the ambushers. This action leads him to life among the Arapaho people for several months which came about as a result of his having saved the son of the Chief. The time with the Arapaho greatly expands his knowledge and understanding of them and the plight with which they and other Indian nations are confronted.

The triumph of goodness and honesty are thematic and the story reflects elements of revenge and,
eventually, the element of redemption. This developing quality is influenced by the lessons learned at home and the kindness of various empathetic Western folk and the Arapaho people along the way. His search for the last of the three desperados finally brings him to a church mission serving impoverished and destitute men, something he had never anticipated or could have imagined.

The conclusion of the story presents a twist and a surprise, particularly for our protagonist.
It is where the factor of redemption is most graphically revealed and the impact it has on different lives
and how it frees him from the burden which has dominated his life for so long and how it allows him to focus on making a new and more hopeful life for himself and the woman he has chosen to accompany him on the new journey of life which will ultimately result in his returning home to Kansas.

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