Helen’s Hand: Clean Regency Romance

Helen’s Hand: Clean Regency Romance
: Charity McColl, Pure Read
: PureRead
: 74
: Fiction : Romance
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Helen Collins is beautiful, which makes it very easy for her to get what she wants. And what she wants is a wealthy, handsome husband who will do her bidding. Such gentlemen appear to be in short supply in her home village, as a rancorous evening with Jack Crawford proves when she insults him and he abruptly takes his leave.

After an unsatisfactory year as a marriageable belle yields no promising matrimonial candidates, Helen goes to London to spend the Season with her aunt. She meets a charming and handsome young man, the beau ideal she has dreamed of, only to find that he is the elder brother of the odious Jack Crawford.

But as the Season wears on, Helen is surprised to find that Jack Crawford is not the boor that she thought. In fact, he is not a boor at all, but a spirited young man with fiery opinions that elicit an unexpectedly vigorous response from Helen. As her London Season unfolds, Helen discovers that a successful quest for a husband takes her on a far different course than what she expected.

But when her dreams of love are dashed, will Jack Crawford be willing to forgive her?

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