Bloody Good Marmalade (Jams, Jellies and Murder Book 2)

Bloody Good Marmalade (Jams, Jellies and Murder Book 2)
: Donna Walo Clancy
: Summer Prescott Books
: 0
: Fiction : Mystery
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Autumn has arrived in Whipper Will Junction, and along with it…two murders.
While running her new business and preparing for the annual Haunt-A-Thon, Tabitha Moon finds herself unwillingly thrust into the midst of unraveling another mystery.
A newcomer to the sleepy town, Anthony Capri, has offered the use of an old, abandoned farmhouse on his property for the celebration, but his offer comes with strange strings attached. He’s finding human bones in his cornfield, and wants Tabby’s help to find out who they belong to and why they’re there.
Tabby’s best friend, Jenny, isn’t speaking to her at the moment, having retreated into a too-small world which only includes her and her boyfriend, Alex Keyes. Jenny’s mom, Bea, has asked for Tabby’s help to find out what is happening to her daughter. Meanwhile, Gladys Twittle, The Town Mouth, is doing her best to convince everyone in town that Tabby is a murderer. Tabitha has her hands full - will she figure out whodunit before the long arm of the law points its finger at her? Find out in this latest installment of the Jams, Jellies and Murder series!
Come pay a visit to Whipper Will Junction; where the gossip is plentiful and so are the bodies.

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