Motivational Quotes From Zen Touni: (101 Inspirational Quotes)

Motivational Quotes From Zen Touni: (101 Inspirational Quotes)
: Zen Touni
: 105
: Kids : Non Fiction
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"The Must Have Motivational Quotes Book"

This motivational quotes book is not just a collection of the same quotes, from the same famous people, that you see in every other book. All 101 motivational quotes in this book are unique and original. All 101 quotes were passionately written by the author, Zen Touni. The quotes are short, clever, and packed with motivation and wisdom.

"Powerful Inspirational Quotes"

The inspirational quotes featured in this book, cover topics such as life, success, happiness and love. Hopefully, you will find at least 1 quote that will resonate well with you. Ideally you will find many more. However, you will never know unless you read the book. We can make that a quote:

You Will Never Know.
Unless You Read The Book.
- Zen Touni

"Social Media Friendly"

You are more than welcome to share these quotes on social media websites, so long as you provide a credit to Zen Touni. So go ahead and post the quotes on Facebook and Instagram, tweet them on Twitter, and pin them on Pinterest. Have fun with them because the quotes are extremely social media friendly.

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