HUNGRY - Origins of Red (HUNGRY Series Book 1)

HUNGRY - Origins of Red (HUNGRY Series Book 1)
: Lawrence Herbert Tide
: 149
: Fiction : SciFi
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The danger from outside may be nothing compared to the danger from within.
The zombies took everything from Red. Home, childhood, parents... The girl lost it all to the undead. Even after she finds sanctuary in the Community, a dome-enclosed city, the trauma haunts her. She throws herself into martial arts training, determined to protect her home and keep her vow to destroy the monsters who stole her world.

Hope inside the Community spreads after the arrival of a scientist, but his claim to have an astounding material which will help combat the undead coincides with an increase in zombie attacks. There are Suspicions, and Red, ever evolving, sets out to safeguard her beloved adoptive family and friends.
This is the Book 1 of the horror-dystopia Zombie Series HUNGRY.
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