The Last Singer (The Falcon Chronicles Book 1)

The Last Singer (The Falcon Chronicles Book 1)
: Marjorie Lindsey
: 274
: Fiction : General
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A gifted singer, teenager Brynna Bokk uncovers a governmental deception that hides a planetary threat. Can she and her friends reveal the truth and defeat the devious Premier Delio?
Teenage/young adult futuristic, fantasy for all ages.

At 18, Brynna Bokk’s life changes forever. Forced by law to leave the sanctuary of her beloved island home, she faces a restricted existence in the floating city of Hypor. A talented singer, her fiercest challenge is to hide her gift in a city where singing is forbidden. But that isn’t the only secret she carries. Her mismatched eyes and falcon birthmark link her to a mysterious sisterhood.

When a solar threat and a government conspiracy threaten her planet and her loved ones, Brynna joins a rebellion led by an emerald-eyed warrior. The discovery of an ancient diary raises questions about her heritage and throws her life into further turmoil. Intent on defeating corruption and uncovering her destiny, Brynna faces betrayal, imprisonment, and death as she traverses a dangerous path with the highest stakes imaginable—the survival of humanity.

The Last Singer is the first book in The Falcon Chronicles . The setting for this futuristic adventure series is a planet whose population has been devastated by rising oceans. Greed, brutality, and jealousy face off against friendship, love and Brynna’s growing power. If you enjoyed The Hunger Games and Divergent, you’ll love this new heroine’s exciting adventure.

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