Frosting Disaster (Sweetland Witch) ( A Cozy Mystery Book)

Frosting Disaster (Sweetland Witch) ( A Cozy Mystery Book)
: Zoe Arden
: ReedFoster Press House
: 0
: Fiction : Romance
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It's party time in Sweetland Cove, which means murder is close at hand. 
Page Count: around 330 pages

Ava Fortune and her aunts are catering the mayor's ball.
Witches, warlocks, and paranormals will all be attending.The Mystic Cupcake is set to make the showstopping cake.

But murder strikes the week before the ball, turning Ava's life upside down.
A dangerous group of humans have just arrived on Heavenly Haven.They want proof that paranormals exist; they're tired of being called crazy.

Is there a murderer amongst the group, or is the killer closer to home?
As this new threat unfolds, Ava must hide her magical powers while continuing to bake up a storm.
Now Ava must defend both her bakery's reputation and her life.If she fails, there could be more than death at stake.

Just because Ava's a witch doesn't mean she knows how to stop a killer.
Can she save the ball and put a stop to the murders, or has she finally met her match?

Page Count: around 330 pages

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