You're The Cure To The Pain He Caused

You're The Cure To The Pain He Caused
: Nikki Brown
: Supreme Works Publications l Leo Sullivan Presents
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: Fiction : General
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“Can you imagine what will happen if you gave a worthy man the love and loyalty that your giving this man that don’t know what to do with it?” is a question that Azayah can’t answer. For as long as she can remember her loyalty has been with Kayell. Even through the lying and cheating she never left his side but every woman has her breaking point and when Azayah reached hers, Titus is right there to help her pick up the pieces.
Titus has been in love with Azayah since the first day she stepped into his company looking for a job. He knew from the moment he laid eyes on her that she was the one, only thing standing in the way was his longtime girlfriend Ree. The love had left the relationship sometime ago but Titus was loyal so he stayed. It wasn’t until Ree commited the ultimate betrayal that he stop fighting the feelings that he had for Azayah but Ree won’t give up that easy.
Kayell is a ladies man, the owner of the hottest club in North Carolina so woman flock to him and he welcomes them with open arms. When he ran into his newest flavor of the week, Piyani, he didn’t know that she would be the one with the ulterior motive. When Kayell’s world starts to crumble around him he realizes that he had the perfect life with Azayah and he will do anything to get her back but will it be too late.
Love and jealousy plague the hearts of these couples, watch as they all search for the cure to the pain that was caused.

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