Don't Promise

Don't Promise
: Violet Paige
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: Fiction : General
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She’s my best friend’s little sister
This Christmas I’m going to make her my wife

I know the instant Kaitlyn is in my bed, that this isn’t a one-time deal.
I’ve knocked her up and there’s a ring on her finger.
Only this Marine has betrayed the people who took me in, treated me like a son
I took the one thing I wasn’t supposed to and they hate me for it.
Now the only way to make it right is to marry her before New Year’s.
Just one problem…my unit needs me back for one final assignment.
There’s no way I’m missing my wedding
I’m the man who swore we’d have a happily ever after
But what if this time I can’t keep my promise?

**Don’t Promise is a hot snow-melting holiday romance that promises to turn up the holiday spirit a few degrees. Guaranteed HEA and NO cheating. This book can be read as a Standalone, recommended with a little sugar & spice, cup of cocoa and a fan**

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