Twisted (Detroit Next Book 1)

Twisted (Detroit Next Book 1)
: Alex Kourvo, Harry R. Campion
: Cityheart Books
: 208
: Fiction : SciFi
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Private Investigator Aidra Scott is exasperated by her teenage son, worried about her pregnant sister, and mystified by her assistant—a computer genius she’s never actually met. Living in a tiny Detroit condo she can barely afford, there is no room in her life, or her heart, for a pet. Since the painful loss of her beloved Doberman, she wants nothing to do with any dog, certainly not a genetically engineered dog. Especially one that might be a killer.

The world is shocked when geneticist Ivan Frithke is murdered and his own pet caline is the prime suspect. Madeline, like all calines, was genetically engineered to be the ideal pet—smart, loyal and gentle. How could she kill her master? The widow doesn’t believe it, and hires Aidra to prove Madeline’s innocence.

The case is both public and hopeless, and taking it will be disastrous for her career. Besides, saving this dog won’t bring her dog back. But the more Aidra investigates, the more she becomes convinced an innocent animal is being framed.

As she deals with anti-genetics zealots, obsessive reporters, Frithke’s rivals and hostile police, Aidra discovers that murder is only the beginning of the conspiracy. But when the investigation turns deadly, clearing Madeline’s name may be the only way for Aidra to save the lives of those she loves.

(A version of this book was previously published by Ion Productions under the title The Caline Conspiracy)

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