Bloody Reasons (To Kill A Man Book 1)

Bloody Reasons (To Kill A Man Book 1)
: Stuart G. Yates
: Creativia
: 124
: Fiction : General
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Gus Ritter is a bounty hunter on the trail of his brother's murderer.

He is after more than money. He wants retribution.

After his arrival to the small town of Archangel, death follows in rapid succession. Soon, Gus finds himself not only fighting for his own life, but also protecting the local preacher and a young girl, as he makes his way south to confront Dan Hardin - his brother's killer.

The inevitable final showdown is about to take place in the dusty Mexican pueblo... and only one man will come out alive.

Praise from readers:

?????"Another fantastic series by Mr. Yates... Loved it." - Marianne Spitzer, Amazon Review

?????"An Old West shoot'em up, with guns blazing. Vengeance for wrongs, seeking an eye for an eye, ending in high body counts." - Kindle Customer

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