The Ghost Files (Mike Covell Investigates Book 1)

The Ghost Files (Mike Covell Investigates Book 1)
: Mike Covell
: Creativia
: 267
: Non Fiction : General
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For over a decade, Mike Covell has investigated the unexplained.

His quest has led him to appearances on Most Haunted, Most Haunted Live and Paranormal Lockdown, documenting his search for answers.

The Ghost Files is a collection of ghost stories from haunted shops, restaurants, hotels, theaters, factories and educational centers - packed with hundreds of historical contemporary sources, historical timelines, logs of reported activity, photographs, maps and more. 

Mike's articles have been seen in the Hull Daily Mail, Grimsby Telegraph, Outer Limits Magazine and Haunted Magazine.

Whether you believe or not, Mike explores both sides of history and myth, the stories, sightings, and historical sources, showing a different and often thrilling insight into the haunted, ghostly locations in his hometown of Hull.

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