Hercules Finds His Courage (Taki & Toula Time Travelers Book 1)

Hercules Finds His Courage (Taki & Toula Time Travelers Book 1)
: Elena Paige
: Angelos Publishing
: 32
: Kids : 0-3
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A fun 32-page full-color Early Reader book perfect for children aged 5-9 years old.

Two modern-day children. A pair of old shoes. And a time-traveling adventure.

Join Taki and Toula as they’re launched back to the days of Ancient Greece. When an angry bull shows up and threatens to ruin their experience, Taki and Toula panic. Coming face-to-face with an angry bull was not part of their plan. They're so relieved when Hercules the Great shows up.

But it turns out he is more scared than they are.

How will Taki and Toula help Hercules find his courage and tame the Cretan Bull?

Laugh along as Taki and Toula create history. Greek mythology has never been this much fun!

A wonderful story to help children learn how to be brave and believe in themselves. A great introduction to Greek mythology for younger children. It also helps children recognize​ that the Greek gods aren't just born brave and clever (no one ever is). They needed someone to support them and help them become the heroes we know them as today.

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