Amish Romance: Amish Mysterious Ways

Amish Romance: Amish Mysterious Ways
: Grace Given, Pure Read
: PureRead
: 50
: Fiction : Romance
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Leah King barely hangs on after the tragic death of her beloved husband in a freak accident on the farm.

Nursing such a brokenness Leah cannot bring herself to share her grief with any one else - until an Englischer shows up at her door looking for work.

Though a few of her Amish community members are reluctant to approve of her choice of hired hand, the fact the Bishop approves helps assuage their misgivings. Jake Miller arrives on time every day for work and leaves without incident. The problem arises when Leah realizes she is falling in love with the Englischer. Unknowing to her, he is experiencing the same feelings for her. He decides it is time to tell her his life’s story, or feels he must leave before it’s too late.

Once she hears his story, both are devastated and think there is no way they will ever be allowed to marry in the Amish church. Only a miracle will pave the way.

Leah reminds herself that God is known to act in mysterious ways and she and Jake pray for their miracle. Leah resolves to rid her mind of all doubt but wonders if this new love will come to fruition for her.

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