Seeing Ranch: Her Winding Path (A Historical Romance Book)

Seeing Ranch: Her Winding Path (A Historical Romance Book)
: Florence Linnington
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: Fiction : Romance
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A life lost. A future uncertain.

Following her father’s sudden death, dark-eyed beauty Ida Rose Lowry has few options on the table. For a woman of her status and education level in 1881 New York, it’s marry or work in a factory. Unfortunately, the number of men beating down Ida Rose’s door amounts to zero.

Taking off for Wyoming Territory, and for a new life as a mail-order bride, Ida Rose quickly finds herself pulled into a fast world full of natural disasters, bandits, and family secrets.

There is one shining light amidst the darkness – Thomas Adkins, the sandy-haired farmer who is to be Ida Rose’s husband-to-be. Though they butt heads, Tom and Ida Rose cannot help but ultimately grow closer.

Finally, the future looks bright.

...Until the past rears its ugly head.

There are secrets in Shallow Springs, Wyoming, darkness that has been tamped down for years, questions that need answering.

Can love prevail in the face of such difficulty? And, what’s more, is love itself truly enough?

How are Ida Rose and Tom going to face their cruel fate?

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