Ryan Olmstead Animal Detective Sanctuary (Ryan Olmstead books Book 2)

Ryan Olmstead Animal Detective Sanctuary (Ryan Olmstead books Book 2)
: Kathey Jackson
: 278
: Fiction : Mystery
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Ryan Olmstead was introduced in an earlier book, Ryan Olmstead, Pet Detective. As a veterinarian in a college town, his job revolves around saving animals for and from students, towns people, and others who live in the suburbs around the college town. Through a remarkable series of events, Ryan gets to care for the animals of a retired professor.
He and his girlfriend Michele, a veterinary technician, who run a no-kill shelter for both domestic and wild animals who were hurt by humans, find that their life’s search for a way to not only help animals but help people understand the animals gets the financial boost it needs.
Michele’s brother, Michael who has finished several tours in the desert wars is back and working in the Animal Control section of the Fish and Game department. There he helps wild animals and brings the ones that need to be fixed back to Ryan.
He learns about a small Animal Sanctuary which is run by two vet technicians and visits it when they need a veterinary doctor. It brings him to a whole new life creating a new Animal Sanctuary. While there are mysteries and the value of all life is exposed through the eyes of the abused and hurt animals that Ryan and his friends save, the book is a branch of the Brittany Holland cozy mysteries.

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