Christmas with Snowman Paul

Christmas with Snowman Paul
: Yossi Lapid
: 42
: Kids : General
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Why is Snowman Paul on the edge on Christmas Eve?
Snowman Paul is sad because he is left out of Dan's  Christmas celebrations with his family. 
Will Dan take matters into his own hands to cheer up his best friend?
Children of all ages will enjoy this heartwarming tale of friendship, inclusion and Christmas joy.

"No way!" snapped Paul. "Christmas is near,
And I have nothing much to cheer...

You'll have your fancy meal inside...
You'll carol by the fireside...
You'll light your shiny Christmas tree...
You'll chat with everyone but me.

If that's called friendship, I don't know.
Perhaps I'd rather be plain snow!"

Perfect for reading aloud with friends and family during the holidays!
Scroll up and grab your copy now!

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